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You know, in between stacks of paperwork, I decided to chill for a few minutes and in doing so decided to have fun with Dogpile. It's my all-time favorite search engine.

What did I Dogpile? Why, "Active Stupor Heroes," of course! What did I find?

Well, now that the paperwork is mostly done, I'll tell you!

What the...?!

The nonsensical "40-Inch Waist Porn" page. There is no actual porn on it (which would have been its only redeeming value), only nonsensical ramblings with various pornographic catch-phrases like "18 year old spanked" and "Amateur Latina Adult Pee Videos." Interpersed are also phrases that seem commonly-Googled, such as "adult general fitness program" and "Guy Fawkes."

I think the page was designed specifically to be a Google magnet.

And, yes, if you press <ctrl> + F, you can search for and actually *find* "Active Stupor Heroes."

Don't ask me why.

Crossover craziness!

So, a while back, a guy was asking on the Comic Genesis forums, "Who wants to volunteer their characters to have a cameo?" I volunteered any of mine that he would want to use.

So, the guy named Michael McCluskey, who draws "The Adventures of Lunar and Kirk," decided to choose the Bearucrat to be a guest judge at a contest of some sort.


Are we... popular?

Dogpile took me to the Comic Genesis ranking page. It basically ranks Comic Genesis webcomics based on the percentage of total bandwidth and page loads that that particular comic uses, compared to others. Out of the top 5,000 comics that were ranked, "Active Stupor Heroes" came out to number 569! That's almost the top 10%, people!


And you know what? I think Dogpile also fed me the reason why...

We don't suck as bad as most suck!

The Webcomic Project at Blogspot is attempting to review 3,000 webcomics. It says they are "focusing mainly on the obscure and the horrible. Because proportionately, that's what's out there."

Here is the review in full:

The site design is cluttered and mildly painful, and attempts to look like metal but only succeeds at looking like gray gradients with multi-colored text slapped over it, and an excess of JPEG artifacts. Looking at the comic, at first I think, oh man, this is text-based. But it doesn't start out that way, only becoming an illustrated novella later on when the author becomes too lazy to draw. Oddly, the text is made from screenshots of MS Word, and at times the text cursor is visible.

The art is semi-anime, not horrible, not great. The writing (of the comic parts, not the text parts- that's pretty awful) is okay but I feel like I'm just saying that because I'm tired and I've dropped my standards after doing all these reviews. It's the story of a regular guy who becomes a superhero in a world where there are so many superheroes that there are a ton of complicated laws regulating the field and it took this plotline to more interesting places than I wanted to give it credit for. At one point there was a small outbreak of softcore lesbian vore but the author claimed this was based on a dream he had and moved on with the story.

Apparently died November '07.
Well, just being on cloud nine for being noticed, I had to leave a comment.
Hooray! Somebody is looking at my webcomic! Somebody said we weren't horrible!

Well, you say that it's mediocre, but that's better than saying that it outright sucks.

Between teaching full-time and grad school, the comic is on hiaitus for a while. I'll be back on it, probably in the summer.

...with actual pictures.

...and a less cluttered layout.

(For the record, the buttons *are* supposed to just be gray gradients.)

Thank you for your review of "Active Stupor Heroes."

-Jason E. Tucker, Esq.

I forgot to thank him for lowering his standards.

That's all for now, true-believers!
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