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So much to say! It's been so long!

Revamped Website

I've been working on reworking the website so that everything fits together better, so that the appearance is more aesthetic, and to make room for newer, better projects.

This includes:
- Newer, better buttons
- Fixing a bug that prevented the ghosted "Next Day" button from showing up.
- Adding links to the Guardians and Gray Area dropdowns.

Vs. System TCG Fantasy Cards!

That's right, people! Check it out! Vs. System trading cards for Comic Genesis webcomic characters!

Webcomic Tutorials!

Now you, too, can learn how to produce a webcomic as craptacular and craptastic as the Active Stupor Heroes! Take a Look!

Issues still to be dealt with:

- Fixing navigational systems embedded on other pages.
- Fixing ***advertisement*** tags so that they actually show up where they're supposed to. (I am in violation of my terms of service until I do!) I'm trying, though. I really, really am.

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